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Retiring from Geeklog

Over the past year, it has become clearer to me that I need to move on and have decided to formally announce that I will not be continuing my geeklog community work. I started using Geeklog in Feb 2002 and joined the core development team in 2004. During the past 8+ years, I have authored more then 50 plugins and contributed to a number of core Geeklog features. I have had the opportunity to work with many great professionals. I very much appreciated the community support everyone gave me but need to specially thank Tony and Dirk. I wish the project much success and will be checking in from time to time.

I will be around and available to assist anyone that wishes to take over my plugins but my time will be limited to supporting my current clients and projects.
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Forum Plugin Version 2.7.2 - Security Fix

Geeklog Topics


An issue that can allow someone to edit another users recently posted topic has been identified by Matthew Demicco. This is possible during the edit timeframe which by default is 1 min and requires someone to modify the URL.

This new release addresses that issue and all sites are recommended to upgrade to this latest release which is now available in the [file: 48 downloads] area.

The upgrade steps are to replace the changed files and run the plugin upgrade.
  • public_html/createtopic.php
  • config.php
  • functions.inc

glMessenger 1.8.2 Update

Geeklog TopicsAn update to glMessenger is now available which addresses a problem where notifications were not being sent to site members for new private message alerts. It appears this problem has been there for a while but not reported until this week - thanks Blaine_in_Main (No relation).

If you have already purchased glMessenger then login and access the products page. You should see a download link by the glMessenger product listing. If you do not, send me a private message and I will investigate.