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Forum Version 2.3.2 Test Version Released

Geeklog TopicsI have completed work on a new release of the Forum Plugin and addressed all the bugs that I had compiled since 2.3.1 was released in June. This addresses a serious issue in the 2.3.1 release where someone could access the forum admin features. This was reported earlier this week (Sept 13th) on geeklog.net and I had posted a fix within 15 min of seeing the report. You can view that post and the quick fix I posted here

Note: Added this new post Here on geeklog.net to summarize.

This is Release Candidate 1 and I want to get some quick feedback from users before making a general release available here and on geeklog.net so please download for testing and let me know your feedback (good and bad).

Please use the support forum on this site to report - located here

Summary of changes: I have included details and a quick summary of changed files in the archive - see changed_v2.3.2.txt. The install document has been updated as well. Upgrading from 2.3.1 involves no SQL changes just replace your plugin files (all) or just the noted changed files.

The following is a summary of the changes

Bug fixes:

  • Missing newposts icon or folder icon when a forum has no posts - new empty forums
  • NewPosts block showing the wrong user profile in the link
  • The View New Posts report had sortable heading but a SQL error was being generated when they were used
  • Not setting the variable $userDateTimePref in the centerblock function - It will now use the user preference for date time if this variable is set true in the plugin function. Default is false.
  • Removed references to load an external css file "forumstyle.css" in the NewPosts block templates. Removed references to CSS classes as well in the block templates.
  • Plugin Function cclabel_forum not using the $_CONF['site_admin_url'] config setting
  • Links to posts now do not include the forumID - only the topicID needs to be passed
  • Corrected issues with not showing the author and last reply by member names correctly in the forum and topic listing views
  • Addressed issue with Forum Topic listing - not showing correct date sometimes.
  • Fixed bug with memberlist feature - sortable headings bug
  • When deleting a user from the site - update all their topics to set the user id (uid) to 1 for anonymous.
  • Plugin function ShowStats not showing the Headings - missing global variable declaration
  • Corrected layout issue that was seen when a private forum was setup as the last forum and user did not have access
  • Category Description was not showing for anonymous site users
  • Editing Forum setup would reset the forum order to 0
  • The View New Posts page (report) should not show a link at the bottom of the page "Return to forum" if you were not in a forum - hence it is 0

New Features:

  • Moderator with Edit Rights can now post to a locked topic - new moderation action in listbox
  • Added plugin function to support [autolinks] - new GL 1.3.10 feature
  • Added ALT tag to show the full subject when hovering over the topic subject link - in the topic listing for a forum
  • Editing or Moving a topic now does not update the timestamp of the topic
  • Added the LastReplyBy Authors name and link to profile in the topic listing view


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