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In addition to glMessenger which has been quite well received and popular with my clients,  I have developed several other premium plugins. This includes glMenu which is being used for the block menu as well as the header menu on this site. It is now being used on most of my enterprise or commercial accounts and many community based sites. It is one of my favorite add-on's because of the ease and flexibility it provides to create dynamic and security driven menus. It's easy to add custom functions to create add-on menu's - example the "Web Resources" menu in the siteheader is being dynamically created from the integrated site links. The menu's are easy to style and I am showing a different style menu for the WebResources.

I have recently added datasheets explaining in more detail the premium plugins that I have available - accessible from the main left menu. These include:

  1. glMenu

  2. glQuiz

  3. glEventMgr


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Premium Plugins
Authored by: kb74 on Friday, February 04 2005 @ 06:34 AM CST

Thanks Blaine for the Messenger plugin, it is a great addition to my site.

Easy to install and configure. The add new smillie function is easy to use.

Just a great little package. For those who don't have it but are considering it, it is well worth it.

Premium Plugins
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, March 01 2005 @ 03:43 PM CST
Do you have a working example of the glEventMgr plugin?
Premium Plugins
Authored by: Blaine on Thursday, March 17 2005 @ 11:32 AM CST
Not really as my clients that have it running only use it for registered members. The detailed image snapshots in the datasheet provide more usefull information and let you see the admin side of the plugin as well.

Please consider contributing to support my efforts ..

Premium Plugins
Authored by: rav on Monday, May 09 2005 @ 03:44 PM CDT
I'm using it on my site. My users love it! http://www.socal-dirtriders.com