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The native forum plugin version 2.6 is almost ready for release. I've held off making any earlier announcements but have been working on this new version for a couple months.  Before making the new plugin version available for general release, I'd like to get a few users that will help with testing. I've tested the new version on a copy of geeklog.net which is running ver 2.3.2 and I've run the built-in in update on my site that was running version 2.5. So far it looks good - but there are a lot of features to be tested and verify the formatting of existing forum content is retained given the new code to handle the formatting of quotes, code, bbcode, smilies and HTML tags.

If you have a test site and can commit time over the next 2 weeks to complete some effective testing - please contact me. I'd like to get some users that are using the forum 2.3.2 version and 2.5.

I've also just updated this site to use GL 1.4.1beta2 at the same time so please let me know if you see any issues on the site or in the forum - report any issues in this forum topic here

Several key new features are that it's been developed and tested with GL 1.4.1 with Register_Globals off and MySQL5. A focus was placed on performance improvements and testing has shown anywhere from a 3x to 10x improvment in areas like the main forum index, topic index and centerblock formatting. Additionally, major work on the templates again.

For additional summary of changes .. 

  • Performance improvements by adding three new fields to the forum table and one new field to the topics table to save frequent database lookups. Sites updating can use the Admin->Forums page and the Re-Sync feature to update the new fields
  • Using a function to now auto-detect the image type to use for the main layout related images. Will default to the image type defined in the {themes}/functions.php - the $_IMAGE_TYPE. If the image is not found, then it will use the 2nd option as defined in the plugins/forum/config.php - default to 'gif'. This allows a site to have some png images and some gif images and not have to edit the templates
  • The links that are used for items like [subscribe], [print], [new topic] ... and the ones that are shown in a topic like the member [profile], [website],[email] can now easily be themed to use a choice of images, basic links or rollover like CSS button. Each link has it's own template under the template forum/layout/links subfolder. I have commented a few and also created a couple CSS Button examples in the Have a look at layout/links/rollover_examples Have a look at print.thtml - and see how that can easily be changed to an icon
  • Added new option for Edit - Edit Silent - so notifications are not sent out and timestamp are not changed
  • Removed un-necessary inclusion of forum ID in links
  • Hopefully removed all hard-coded language - to use LANGUAGE files
  • Able to use a site setting of 0 for the Edit Timeframe allowing members to always edit their own posts
  • Fixed bugs with moderation, notification features, admininstration and page layout
  • Better handling of formatting post content for Edit mode - revert back smilies, quoting and code syntax
  • Removed support for the MSN and other IM links in the topic, the MSN JS required a ActiveX object and was IE only
  • Many other bugs and issues were identified and fixed along the way -- lost track after a while :)