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Forum Version 2.6 RC2 Released

Geeklog TopicsThe second release candidate for the Forum plugin ver2.6 has just been released. In the past month, a few issues have surfaced which have now been addressed. The new release includes a text file summarizing the changes.

Additionally, Mark will be releasing version 2.0 of his Captcha Plugin and I have included his changes for the forum to be able to support using Captcha verification for all users or just anonymous users. Both this site and geeklog.net are now running the RC2 version, so please report any issues. If this release does not not reveal any major issues, then I will be able to release a final version in a few weeks. There are no database changes just file changes. Best option is to replace all files and templates but you can review the changed file history if you want to be selective.

Download Link: [file:46] and Discussion Forum