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Forum Version 2.6 RC3 Released

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I have just uploaded the 3rd release candidate of the forum project version 2.6 and hopeful this is the final release before a final 2.6 version.

Mark and I had hoped RC2 was that release but a number of issues were reported and we found and fixed a number of other items as well as doing some code cleanup. I've included a summary of the changes but refer to the plugin which includes a txt file outlining all the changed files.

There are no database changes so all that should be required is to replace the changed files or complete directories

[file:48 Download Link]  Forum Discussion

Summary of changes
  • Performance Improvements to the main forum index page
  • Added option in plugins config.php to show/hide moderators on the main forum index.php
  • Code cleanup to remove un-used variables and older code that was not being used
  • Better support for Fullname or username - GL main site config.php $_CONF['show_fullname'] setting
  • User online status will not be shown as online if user setting for privacy set
  • Use htmlspecialchars() instead of htmlentities() in createtopic.php - better support for non-english language
  • SQL changes in a number of other user and admin scripts to reduce SQL overhead - better use of the last_post_rec field
  • Fixed an issue with deleting of a post - and not updating the last reply by and date info
  • Fixed issues with certain characters like [] being converted to their HTML entities equivelent
  • BBCode tags should not be interpretted if in a CODE block
  • Preview now better handles the formatting to show all final formatting and filtering so it should be as saved
  • Corrected the bug in RC2 where two items in the forum user menu were reversed
  • Added a new link in the user menu to 'Mark all Read' - marks all topics in all categories as read
  • Added TITLE help for the Forum User menu when user hovers over the menu links
  • Fixed missing site footer in the memberlist report
  • Added missing language define on the forum members report page
  • Fixed bug where if SPAMX plugin detected spam - it would cause a header already posted error
  • Fixed an issue with a [forum:123] autotag if you did not enter a title for the link
  • Couple of template tweaks