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Forum Version 2.6RC4 Released

Geeklog TopicsThe 4th release candidate of the forum project version 2.6 has just been released.

I've included a summary of the changes and you can refer to the plugin which includes a txt file outlining all the changed files.

There are no database changes so all that should be required is to replace the changed files or complete directories.

[file:46 Download Link] Please post feedback and issues in this topic

  • Enhancements to the List new Posts feature - from the forum main index page [Mark Evans]
  • Fix to the filtering logic for the topic subject [Mark Evans]
  • Enhancements to the handling of [quote] blocks [Mark Evans]
  • print.php to support site charset[Mark Evans]
  • Enhancements to formatting support for older version posts [Mark Evans]
  • Fixed an issue where HTML not allowed could be saved and then viewed by the site admin [Mark Evans]
  • Fixed issue with the sideBlock - features like the different views (top posts, top views) were not working [Blaine Lang]
  • Fixed issue where the topic subject (if not original topic) was not showing in the side block [Blaine Lang]
  • Fixed an issue in the upgrade function when upgrading from ver 2.5 to 2.6 [Blaine Lang]
  • Additional Security checks added to public scripts [Mark Evans]
  • Modifiled [url] tag to automatically add the http:// if missing [Mark Evans]
  • Use 'customized' kses code for both save and display of HTML posts [Mark Evans]
  • Removal of additional hardcoded language in admin scripts [Blaine Lang]