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glMenu Version 2.0 Released

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The popular glMenu plugin is now available to create pure CSS only dynamic menus for your site. The menus used on this site are no longer using the Milonic version of glMenu which uses Javascript. The menus are now CSS only. Over the past few months, it has been tested on over 50 sites and the CSS has been tweaked and improved. You will notice for example, that you can move your mouse off a submenu menuitem by up to 20pixels and the submenu does not hide (collpase).

This has several advantages:
  • Don't need the Milonic Library which had to be licenced from milonic
  • Menu content should be more easily indexed by search engines since the content is in the page
  • Less overhead - large menu's in v1.x created extra page load time that was noticeable on some sites
  • Better compatibility with existing GL menus

Much appreciation to Stu Nicoles of cssplay for his great CSS techiques

The glMenu plugin key feature is the online menu administration that allows you to easily build and maintain the side block menu and header menu.

Integrated Core Menu's and custom dynamic menus allow you to easily maintain your site menus.

Both versions will continue to be supported as some sites will want to use the more advanced layouts that Milonic can support.

Current glMenu 1.x owners may download version 2.0 for a limited time and I reserve the right in the future to maintain them as separate plugins. The plugins are similar but the code and menu's can not be combined or used in anyway together on the same site.

If you purchase either glmenu version, you will have access to both downloads for atleast the next few months.

Refer to the Datasheets for more information:

Version 2.0 and Version 1.x

Additionally, there has been some active discussions in the forum


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glMenu Version 2.0 Released
Authored by: Blaine on Monday, March 19 2007 @ 11:37 AM CDT

Existing glMenu 1.x users only need to replace the plugin code and their existing menu definitions will not need to be changed. There are no database changes but you will need to restyle your menu to use the new CSS styling.

There is no longer a public_html/glmenu for example - all menu generation is now handled in the plugin functions. The admin scripts are still in public_html/admin/plugins/glmenu.

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