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glMenu Version 2.1 Released

glMenu v2.0 is now even better. An improved and easier to theme CSS has now been adopted as well as a number of enhancements to the underlying code to provide more flexibility and control over the menu's generated.

Take a look at the Web Resources menu in the site header on this page for an example of a dropdown menu which then cascades into several flyout menu's. This is created by adding just one menuitem and then the plugin dynamically creates the menu based on your links plugins content. All of the default siteheader menus can be created by defining a menuitem of Core Menu type and select the option for headermenu. Thats it!, you now have all the configured header menu items displayed.

Click to view the video overview and tutorial on how to use glMenu

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Don't want them across the top - create a submenu item and place the siteheader menuitem under the submenu. You can still create individual url type menuitems and create the menu to look the way you want.

Current glMenu 1.x or 2.0 sites just need to replace the files no database update. You can run the plugin update which just changes the registered version. There is now no public_html/glmenu directory or files.