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glMessenger 1.8 Released

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The glMessenger plugin has now been updated to better integrate with your GL 1.4.1 site and theme. There were some template issues as well as a need to update the installation directions. The directions to modify the templates and integrate the new My Account - Privacy settings so a user can control the new private message notifications options have been updated and hopefully better explained.

If you have already purchased the plugin in the past, you should be able to download the update.  Access the glMessenger product detail page here and the Buy Now button should be a download link. If you have any issues - please just PM me and I will resolve it.

if you have not yet purchased the plugin, and want an easy way for members to communicate privately or you want an easy way to add/modify the smile emoticons that are used in the forum, then glMessenger is a great solution for you. The plugin is integrated with the forum plugin as well (as show on this site) making it easy to contact a site member. You can check out the messenger features online if you are logged in, you will have a Private Messages link in the main left side menu.