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glMenu 2.5 Released

Geeklog TopicsThe glMenu plugin that now supports creating menus in either the CSS mode or the Milonic Menu mode is available. I released the 2.x line of glMenu a few months ago which created the pure CSS based menu's and offered it as free upgrade to existing 1.x owners which is the Milonic menu version. As announced in the forum, work has been in progress to unite these two versions and make it possible to switch modes online. Additionally many new features have been added to make this a very compelling reason to upgrade or purchase.   Free download for existing glmenu owners. 
  • Integrated online config to switch between CSS and Milonic Mode
  • Integrated color picker to theme your CSS based menus
  • Choose from 15 pre-defined Milonic styles online - optionally add more
  • Multi-Language labels now available
  • Able to define an image to appear as part of the menuitem label

The WIKI on this site has updated which includes the expected install and upgrade directions as well as details on how to administrate the menu. If your interested in knowing more about glMenu or how it can save you many hours of  time and fustration managing your site menu - check out the details on glMenu as described in the wiki docs.

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glMenu 2.5 Released
Authored by: KellyWitherspoon on Wednesday, August 11 2010 @ 11:02 AM CDT

Thanks for the wiki directions, now I can do some much needed  upgrades  on my pet ferret blog.

glMenu 2.5 Released
Authored by: itcoll on Thursday, December 23 2010 @ 03:29 AM CST

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glMenu 2.5 Released
Authored by: JekobNon12 on Tuesday, January 18 2011 @ 10:49 AM CST
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