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The dynamic menu used on this site is created by our glMenu menu plugin. The current 1.x version using the Milonic Menu library and requires Javascript. Although the Milonic menu library is very feature rich and flexible, I've been always looking for a better alternative that could be bundled license free. For the past few months, I've been working on a new version 2.0 of glMenu that generates pure CSS based menus. This site has actually been using the new version for about 2 months but I had tweaked the menu CSS to look pretty close to my earlier Milonic based style.

The glMenu plugin key feature is the online menu administration that allows you to easily build and maintain the side block menu and header menu.

Integrated Core Menu's and custom dynamic menus allow you to easily maintain your site menus.  

I will be offering a free upgrade to clients using verson 1.x and would like to have a few clients test version 2.0 out first before widely distributing it. I know many of you visit the site regularly so instead of me sending out a broadcast email to those clients - I will post the offer here first.

Version 2.0 will still be priced at $50.00 per site but will no longer need the Milonic license.

Summary of features:

  • CSS based lists are used for the all menus
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Support for unlimited number of menu items and submenu levels
  • Allows you to organize your site content and create dynamic menus which driven by your site features
  • Integrated Geeklog group security to create menu's and menu items that will only show for restricted groups
  • Able to create menuitems that are links to external site addresses or site pages
  • Able to manage your side block menu and site header menus
  • Includes support for a number of automatic menu's using provided functions
    • Admin Menu
    • User Menu
    • Topics Menu
    • Static Pages
    • Installed plugin links
    • Links Menu
    • Forum Menu
  • Extensible to use custom functions