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Geeklog only supports MySQL currently and as part of a client projects, my colleague Randy completed work on new database class and custom functions to allow GL and plugins to work with MS SQL as the database. This was done in such a way as to require a minimal set of changes to GL code and changes, those that have been identified are really non-standard or loosely defined MS SQL syntax. We have completed testing GL 1.4 and many plugins and have several of the GL Development team now looking at our code and would like to extend the testing to other interested developers whom have MS SQL experience.

If you are a developer with MS SQL experience and interested in testing out the MS SQL support, please send me an email or private message and I will add you to our mssql test group where you will have access to the archive. Our plans are to make this part of a future GL release but for now, only want to release this to developers as it does require a reasonable technical knowledge.

Once you have been added to the download group, you will have access to the archive that includes a summary of the needed GL changes, the DB Class file, MS SQL user-defined functions and stored procedures. The MSSQL class and custom functions performs the translation of MySQL syntax to MSSQL and allows transparent support of functions like MySQL's record paging feature 'Limit X offset Y' that is used everywhere in GL and plugins to page through records. If there is sufficient interest, I will create a forum for group discussion and project updates.