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Nextide annnounces nexPro

Geeklog TopicsMany of my regular site members and clients know that my day job is as a consultant and partner at Nextide Inc here in Mississauga. We develop web-based applications with a focus on web-based business oriented applications. Over the past few years, we have steadily been developing a large library of re-usable components and applications that have evolved into what we are announcing today as nexPro Portal.

I have not discussed my work at Nextide much in the open community but my peers on the Core Geeklog team have been aware and very supportive. The nexPro suite and services should be a welcome addition to the Geeklog community that have been looking for more business oriented features and services

As announced on geeklog.net, some of the key new plugins and features include:

  • nexForm: Dynamic online forms and Form Editor
  • nexFlow: workflow engine to automate form review, approval and business processes
  • nexFile: Document management with version control and advanced admin features
  • nexList: List administration and used as core admin tool for other plugins
  • nexMenu: Dynamic site menu administration
  • Pre-integrated with the forum and the captcha plugins

We are also announcing the first of our premium plug-in products, nexContent which is a full featured content management solution that allows you to take full control of your site content and block layout. All of the content on our new site has been done with nexContent (excluding the wiki). We are planning to release more premium solutions in the months to come. The next premium product scheduled for release is the nexPro Project Management plug-in.

The Nextide site has been designed to provide you with several means of product evaluation. There are product overviews, video tutorials and wiki documentation to help you get familiar with our solutions. Please post any questions and feedback on our site in the forums and we will promptly follow-up.


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Nextide annnounces nexPro
Authored by: jasonhackwith on Friday, October 12 2007 @ 02:07 AM CDT
Congratulations on some great projects, Blaine!  I think actually we're working on somewhat similar endeavors, but are going about it in a very different way (which is great).

I for one am very excited about commercial contributions to the Geeklog project and think that you've been getting some completely unwarranted criticism on geeklog.net... some people will just always equate open source with "free," which is a shame since IMHO companies have the most to benefit from open source projects.

I spent some time on the nexTide site watching your video demonstrations and just have a few comments. First, beautiful user interfaces. The improvements to the file management plugin are expecially intriguing.  I think serious GUI development is one of the least-developed aspects of Geeklog; most GL plugins seem to have left GUI design/dev out along the way.  That's unfortunately the nature of a lot of open source applications.  GL's GUI has steadily improved over the past three or four versions and I'm confident that it'll just keep getting better, but there's still a lot left to do.  Looks like you've spent a great deal of time working out viable, user-friendly interfaces in AJAX, etc... any chance of some of that spilling over into the main Geeklog project or is much of that proprietary to nexTide?

One of the other things that I see you're doing on nexTide which is also very interesting to me are your support packages. I've always said that Geeklog could benefit from some of the same kinds of commercial support arrangements that other major open source projects have. Ubuntu, for example, has a healthy base of commercial interests providing paid support to Ubuntu users.  It's my hope that eventually Geeklog will have similar arrangements, where companies that can provide technical and customer support for Geeklog do so under service contracts, etc.  Is nexTide intending to eventually do something like that, or are you just going to provide support for your nexPro CMS as a completely separate branch from Geeklog?
Nextide annnounces nexPro
Authored by: Blaine on Sunday, October 14 2007 @ 11:30 PM CDT

Thanks very much for the positive comments and felt all along that a majority of the community would see this as a very positive announcement. Choice is a good thing and there is a void for companies that depend on Geeklog to have better options for support and access to business oriented services and plugins.

Since nexPro is a suite of plugins built on top of Geeklog, the offering is 100% compatible with any existing Geeklog site. Nextide is very open to offering their services on native GL sites.

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