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Experimenting with Yahoo Library and AJAX

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I've been using AJAX in my client projects for the past year but have been looking for a libray and well supported framework to replace my custom scripts for a number of months. There are probally 100 such libraries out there now but I've been following the development and community support for the Yahoo Library the past few months. The third developer release is due shortly and it's really looking good.

The library has a quite a few great components that I've been testing out and have a test script using their AJAX component called Connection Manager that you can check out. It's a initial version of an enhanced Account Managment screen that integrates the Account Profile and Preferences on a single page. Using AJAX, the update is done without refreshing the page and using a status message to show the update progress and errors.

Login and check it out - Click on the link 'AJAX Profile Test' in the left Block Menu.

I was having quite a few issues getting the upload photo feature working as it needs to return a block of HTML and replace the contents on the screen. I needed to get one of the Yahoo developers to release me a patch after identifing an issue with how it handled an XML response when using the file upload operation.

Try a test of uploading a large image > 120px wide and you should get an error. Other tests are deleting the photo to see the different messages shown on the status line.

If you would like to see more of these features implemented then vote on geeklog.net for more features that need Javascript.

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