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 Forum Version 2.6 Testing Feedback
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 November 08 2006 16:22 PM  
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Quote by: Jester

I also wanted to get your thinking on spam with geeklog the forum, comments, etc..

Do you feel that integrating Captcha into geeklog and allowing plugins access is the way to go? I believe it is...

I have implemented the SPAMX plugin, Censorship, and Content filtering which is the same features the Core GL uses and there are other plugins that are available to also combat spam. I do think we will add a CAPTCHA feature to GL and when available I will seriously consider using it. I've created a number of sites that used CAPTCHA for registration and for some public sites it would be beneficial.

I would make it an option where once a site member becomes trusted (promoted by the site admin) they would no longer have to use the CAPTCHA test.

If you need this feature sooner - you may want to consider contacting me for a custom solution.

Please consider contributing to support my efforts ..
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 November 08 2006 22:28 PM  
Forum Big Cheese
Big Cheese

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Okay here we go, first real bug I found. Even though its cosmetic..easy fix.

PHP Formatted Code

<!-- start centerblock.thtml -->
<!--{startblock}-->     <---Remove this Line, startblock and at the bottom
<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="pluginBG" style="border: 1px solid #C8DAF7; margin-bottom:10px;">
    <tr style="vertical-align:middle;">
        <td width="40%" class="pluginTitle alignleft" style="padding:4px;"><b>{LANG_FORUM}</b></td>
        <td width="40%" class="pluginTitle alignleft" style="padding:4px;"><b>{LANG_TOPIC}</b></td>
        <td width="20%" class="pluginTitle aligncenter" style="padding:4px;"><b>{LANG_LASTPOST}</b></td>
        <td colspan="3"><div style="background:transparent; width:100%; height:0px; border-top: 1px solid #C8DAF7;"></div></td>
<!--{endblock}-->  <--Remove this line....
<!-- end centerblock.thtml -->

This was causing an error cosmetically with arrows in each of the center blocks on older themes that I converted to the new style.


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 November 08 2006 23:30 PM  
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So far, I've had some great feedback from the testing team - much appreciated as they are helping smoke out a few issues :thumbsup:

Brief summary of the items fixed tonight

  • Bug in the search found and fixed - thanks Mark :)
  • Page navigation not showing in the reply topic preview window and also navigation link was not complete
  • Added 'Reply Topic' and 'New Topic' to the bottom of the topic listing view
  • Big improvement to the SQL used in the viewtopic - eliminated many extra SQL queries
  • Fixed issue where silent edit option was not being read
  • Fixed issues with the 'notify me of replies' option ON/OFF - was not correctly adding/removing notify record
  • $editpid was not being filtered - thus would also be an issue if RegisterGlobals off
  • $notify was not being filtered - thus would also be an issue if RegisterGlobals off
  • Fixed issue with detecting readonly forum and not showing the new topic and reply links
  • Fixed issue where anonymous users were seeing the icons to indicate un-read topics
  • Tweaks to the CSS

    I'm most pleased with the SQL tunning that I've did tonight in viewtopic.php eliminating 10 SQL lookup queries and 1 major UNION. I meant to do this part sooner as it was part of my SQL tuning that I did earlier.

    I've applied these updates to this site and expect the team to find more. I'll distribute an update to the testing team this weekend.

    Note items like the size of the select dropdown width are controlled in the templates and under user control.

  • Please consider contributing to support my efforts ..
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     November 09 2006 04:07 AM  
    Forum Full Poster
    Full Poster

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    Forum IDs are still used.

    The selection box may be controlled via CSS, but the bottom line is it's cut (as you saw in the screenshot).

    Author name in post mode is still value=name instead of value=uid.
    It's also still empty in edit mode (not even "").
    And still after I edit it takes me to this topic's page 1 instead of to the latest post's page.

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     November 11 2006 16:57 PM  
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    Hi Blaine

    If interested I could contribute with testing on IIS.

    And noticed two things on your layout here:
    Navigation links missing at the top of the pages ( first 1|2|3 last)
    Timestamp for each post missing.
    At least its my preference to have those two in the future :)

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