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 chatterblock 3 followup..strange one...
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Anonymous: dv13
 November 11 2002 22:17 PM (Read 1695 times)  

Hi me again..got a really strange one here...

deleted all the 2.2 version..tables and everything, did clean install and still got this error: Error in PHP Block. Function, phpblock_Chatterblock, does not exist.

reinstalled 2.2, got it working and then upgraded as per your instructions and same error...

Is it possible that it is for some reason not putting the phpfunction where it needs to or something? I even chmoded lib custom and database to 777 and still same error...

Now for the strange part. once i hit install it says install successful..and it appears where I put it...and it works...i even can put a message in and save it. I open the page in a different window and the above error is there... yet i can keep using it on the install.php page which I havenot left....but the minute I go to admin panel fromt he install page or elsewhere the error appears and i haveno idea what is going on..i will leave it enabled so you can see it in bottom left corner... http://www.calvarychapelavl.org thanks for any advice...t

also it has never appeared in my admin panel like menu plugin or static pages as a gif and link to it...t

 November 11 2002 23:08 PM  
Forum Admin

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On a clean install, it should have created the Block Definition automatically so you would not need to use the block admin to add it. Just to move it or change it's title as an example.

As a plugin now, you do not want the phpblock function code in lib-custom at all. It's contained in the plugin functions.inc file.

The name of the phpblock function is also now all lower case. phpblock_chatterblock

Let me know if that helps ...


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Anonymous: dv13
 November 12 2002 09:42 AM  

Hi Blaine...thanks for your response...everything is small letters, and it did not create the block definition, nor did it put the admin thing in the control panel...yet upon install it said successful and that it did add the admin gif and so on. As per the email i sent you, the links in the side bar of the admin links and the user links, it appears there and the block itself appears but only on the xxxx/xxxx/install.php page..after leaving that page nothing...thanks..t

 November 12 2002 13:26 PM  
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It sounds like you might have an early version of my stats plugin installed. It had a bug that limited the number of plugins to 5. If that is the case you can get this updated functions.inc and replace the stats function.inc with it and you will be good to go.

Tom (The Pigstye)

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Anonymous: dv13
 November 12 2002 17:09 PM  

Hi, first thanks a whole lot Tom and Blaine for taking time to help me with this. Blaine disabled the stats plugin and all worked welll...then I put Tom's updated functions.inc in and reactivated the stats and it worked like a charm...thanks so much to both of you....wish I had your smarts or some anyway..t

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