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Filemgmt version 1.5.1 Released

Geeklog TopicsA new version of the popular filemgmt plugin has been released which now supports the new comment API that was released with GL 1.4. This plugin requires GL 1.4 and will do a test when installing or updating.

The plugin now provides support for restricting permissions to categories as well as other changes, bug fixes and enhancements. Summary of version 1.5 changes

  • Support for GL 1.4 Comment API
  • Integrated Category security to restrict access to files for specific Groups only
  • Support for [file] autotag - example [ file: 10 ] or [ file:10 here ]
  • Major overhaul of all screens to clean up HTML and use Generic Plugin CSS
  • Support for PHP settings register_globals and register_long_arrays now to be off
  • File Listing - main view pages are now templates for end-user theming
  • Integrated Update - via plugin Editor
  • Admin setup auto determines initial (default) settings for file repository
  • Integrated support for glMenu - see www.portalparts.com

April 2 update: Version 1.5.2 released

  • Bug fix with autotag corrected
  • Bug fix with search, showing un-approved files in results
  • If user has filemgmt.user right, delete comment feature is displayed
  • Changes to mysql syntax to support mysql 5

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Forum Plugin Version 2.5 Release

Geeklog Topics

An initial test release for testing is now available of the Forum Plugin version 2.5. This is the same code base that I have been running on this site for the past 6 months or so. I've wanted to add more features but have just not been able to find the time so felt it best to wrap it up and complete the work so that I could release it.

This is a major update with changes that effect the complete code base. Users should not use this on live production sites unless they are comfortable with some risk and can back out the update if need. Having said that I've been using the code on this site for months without issue but thats only 1 site and there are many feature changes and combinations that need to be tested.

A key objective with this release was to make the forum easier to theme and remove the use of borrowed images. I believe the new look is a lot cleaner and the use of the CSS based buttons will make it easier to adapt to other themes and color schemes. All of the templates were changed and a new common set of CSS declarations were used. In fact, the CSS standards used have become part of the recommended set for all GL Plugins and if adapted would allow site admins to theme all plugins via one set of CSS.

A summary of new features (read on) :

Premium Plugins

Geeklog Topics

In addition to glMessenger which has been quite well received and popular with my clients,  I have developed several other premium plugins. This includes glMenu which is being used for the block menu as well as the header menu on this site. It is now being used on most of my enterprise or commercial accounts and many community based sites. It is one of my favorite add-on's because of the ease and flexibility it provides to create dynamic and security driven menus. It's easy to add custom functions to create add-on menu's - example the "Web Resources" menu in the siteheader is being dynamically created from the integrated site links. The menu's are easy to style and I am showing a different style menu for the WebResources.

I have recently added datasheets explaining in more detail the premium plugins that I have available - accessible from the main left menu. These include:

  1. glMenu

  2. glQuiz

  3. glEventMgr