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Site Update to GL 1.3.10

Geeklog Topics

I have just completed updating the site to the latest Geeklog version GL 1.3.10 RC2 so please let me know if you see anything I missed. I've not tested everything yet and have been tweaking the sites as I go along.

I'm using a modified version of the standard professional theme with glMenu integrated. I have also integrated the FCK Editor into most of the site features including the Forum. This will only work for IE as I'm using version 1.6 of the editor.

Forum Version 2.3.2 Final Released

Geeklog TopicsI have uploaded a final 2.3.2 version of the Forum Plugin. A release for testing has been available on my site www.portalparts.com for a few weeks and after a couple hundred downloads, I've not had any real issues reported so it's now being moved to a general release. This version was developed and tested with Geeklog 1.3.9 but should work fine with GL vesion 1.3.8 as well.

I recommend that all users upgrade to this version as it addresses a number of bugs and one serious security related issue. See this forum topic here for more details on this issue and fix.

Geeklog Version 1.3.10 will be released shortly. I plan on another release shortly afterwards to use a number of 1.3.10 new features. Specifically:

  1. New SPAM filtering API using Tom Willets Spam Plugin
  2. Autolink feature
  3. New Update API: so plugins can execute an update function. This will make it easy to update the plugin installed version number for example.

Forum Version 2.3.2 Test Version Released

Geeklog TopicsI have completed work on a new release of the Forum Plugin and addressed all the bugs that I had compiled since 2.3.1 was released in June. This addresses a serious issue in the 2.3.1 release where someone could access the forum admin features. This was reported earlier this week (Sept 13th) on geeklog.net and I had posted a fix within 15 min of seeing the report. You can view that post and the quick fix I posted here

Note: Added this new post Here on geeklog.net to summarize.

This is Release Candidate 1 and I want to get some quick feedback from users before making a general release available here and on geeklog.net so please download for testing and let me know your feedback (good and bad).

Please use the support forum on this site to report - located here

Summary of changes: