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Geeklog TopicsI have had a number of inquries lately and wanted to update PortalParts members and vistors about my various plugin projects that are discussed on this site. In addition to my Free plugins that are featured in the downloads area, I have a number of premium plugins of which glMessenger is one. The Free Plugins are very some core plugins that all members need (forum and filemgmt) with the FAQ and Chatterblock being popular as well. I consistently have 30-50 downloads a day on this site alone.

I have many clients that are running my latest premium plugins which helps me offset the time it takes to develop and support my general release plugins. I've not made a big announcement or set them up for online purchase because I'm just soo busy. The time and effort required to get the marketing and online purchase scripts setup just does not justify the time right now. I am finding those that are serious about buying one of my plugins have no issues contacting me. I generally reply within the hour and have the transaction completed and download in their hands quickly.

So if your interested - please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm holding off making any big changes on this site or integrating a shopping cart app that supports digital downloads for now.

I also am available to do installs, custom modifications and projects. I have a number of larger projects underway for clients but can certainly handle your inquiry and help scope out the project. Projects often slide around so it's good to have a combination of small and larger projects.

The glMenu plugin has been my most sucessfull plugin to-date. It has also advanced considerably and I now have a version that generates a non-javascript (server based) menu and utilizes the full capability of the menubuilder admin. I am selling glMenu for US$ 50.00 per site license. Still the Milonic Menu component is really flexible to style and has a very large installed base with great suppport.

Purchase via Credit Removed

I have removed the option to purchase glMessenger via Credit Card. The Third Party Processor PaySystems that I was using is in some sort of business trouble and have locked all accounts. All of my funds received to date have not been transferred out and I am at risk now of loosing all that money.

I am hearing that some clients are starting to receive their money, but little information is available and they are redirecting all inquiries to their legal representation - very fustrating.

Forum Plugin Version 2.3.1 Released

Geeklog TopicsThis is more a maintenance release but I am also introducing my new portalparts NAVBar that is used for the Forum Admin and Forum User Functions pages.

I am using this interface now in a number of my plugin projects and have createed a lib-portalparts.php file that needs to be placed in the geeklog_dir/system folder. This is an extra step but will allow me to not have to include these functions in other plugins and easier for user to maintain.

The install_doc has been updated and I've included a list of the changed files - but it will be easier to replace them all.

This version includes fixes for all known and reported problems since the 2.3 final release. The fixes are noted in the install_doc as well.

You can get the file in my downloads area here. Be sure to report any feedback or issues in my support forum.