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FileMgmt Plugin Update. Version 1.3RC3 released

Geeklog TopicsThe latest Release Candidate (RC3) for the version 1.3 of the FileMgmt Plugin is now available.

I have added some much needed enhancements to the admin features of the Plugin for managing user submitted uploads.

  • The site admin can now configure how they want to handle certain file types and rename or reject file types.
  • The admin can now preview the file before approving or deleteing it.
  • Submitter name is now a link to their profile when previewing the new files
  • When approving files or managing broken links, the script will return to this screen now instead of the default admin page

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glMenu Project Update

I have several plugins that are close to being ready for release but I've had to juggle my project work and client work over the past couple months. Many of my plugins are complete and useable but still require 10-20 hours of final work to make then support language files or template files. So if you see something on my site that you want - please contact me.

Quiz Plugin Update II

Geeklog TopicsI was able to get some work done on the quiz plugin and have updated the version on my site. It now has the ability to add images to questions. I also have re-worked the interface. Still a fair bit of work yet to do before I will release be release it.

It's functional and working well for a number of my clients. If you can't wait then contact me. It will be sold as premium glPortalPart component at the same price as glMessenger.

Check out the "Wonders of the World" quiz. You can access the quiz page here