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glMenu 3.0 Public Release

Geeklog TopicsThe plugin glMenu has been available for several years as a premium plugin but as of now is an un-restricted public download. This is a plugin that I have used personally on 100's of sites over the past few years and know of 100's of additional sites that also use it. It is now even better with the latest version 3.0.

The online admin tool to control the menu styles and color picker has been improved. The core plugin code has been re-engineered to have an extendable OO class so that developers can add new menu styles. It currently has 3 styles of menus:

  • Milonic Menu - one of the most popular javascript menus - www.milonic.com
  • Pure CSS Menu
  • ProCSS - like used for this site's header menu is a CSS style menu with an image based design

Take control of your sites header and block menus. Setup your menu structure with advanced control and flexibility. Easily now pick and choose the menu style and use the online color picker to theme your site menus.

Review the wiki docs for more information including the installation and user documentation.

You can download the file [file:52 here] and please post your feedback in this forum topic

Nexpro 1.1 Released

Geeklog Topics

We have been pretty busy over at Nextide with client projects the past few months but have also been working away on a new Nexpro release. Nexpro in addition to offering some very flexible plugins that provide features and capability not seen with any other opensource portal framework, is a pre-integrated version of Geeklog with over 10 plugins installed and our nexpro theme.

We have decided to remove the restriction to purchase a support plans to gain access to the downloads. There was never a license restriction on the plugins and we have been encouraged to improve the distribution of the plugins. Nexpro was released in September as the first integrated Geeklog Suite and we have been very pleased with it's success but most of that activity has been hidden from the general public.

Check out the Nextide Blog and video tutorials for more information on Nexpro. A demo site has been setup that fully restores once a week and has a number of example workflows, forms and nexContent created pages. Feel free to login as admin and test creating your own forms, workflow and nexContent pages and let us know what you think on the Nextide site discussion forum.

Over the next coming weeks, I will be releasing glMessenger and glMenu as unrestricted downloads as well. There are new features being added to glMenu presently to allow it to more easily be extended to support new menu styles. It will for example allow you to use Milonic for the header menu and a CSS based menu for the Block Menu and support a new CSS/Image menu like being used on this site. The online configuration screens are being enhanced and I have posted a few screenshots in this forum topic

glMenu v2.6 released

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A new release of glMenu is now available. Version 2.6 now allows you to define a URL for a submenu type menuitem. The changes involved a number of files and it's recommended that you replace all you the plugin releated files and template files. Make a backup of any files you would have changed like menustyles and the main plugin config.php and compare for any local changes.

Members that have purchased glMenu can get the latest version here