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The dynamic menu used on this site is created by our glMenu menu plugin. The current 1.x version using the Milonic Menu library and requires Javascript. Although the Milonic menu library is very feature rich and flexible, I've been always looking for a better alternative that could be bundled license free. For the past few months, I've been working on a new version 2.0 of glMenu that generates pure CSS based menus. This site has actually been using the new version for about 2 months but I had tweaked the menu CSS to look pretty close to my earlier Milonic based style.

The glMenu plugin key feature is the online menu administration that allows you to easily build and maintain the side block menu and header menu.

Integrated Core Menu's and custom dynamic menus allow you to easily maintain your site menus.  

I will be offering a free upgrade to clients using verson 1.x and would like to have a few clients test version 2.0 out first before widely distributing it. I know many of you visit the site regularly so instead of me sending out a broadcast email to those clients - I will post the offer here first.

Version 2.0 will still be priced at $50.00 per site but will no longer need the Milonic license.

Forum Version 2.6 RC1 Released

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I am pleased to announce the initial test release of version 2.6 is now available for download. A number of key changes were made over the past few weeks since I posted that work had been underway. A number of volunteers assisted with testing and feedback and after 9 sub-releases to the test team, I feel pretty confident to release this version.

This is a major update and I have upgraded geeklog.net but I'm still not certifing this as a final release - until the wider audience of users has had time to test it for a couple weeks and provide feedback.

Please review the readme.html - for update and install directions. You need to be running a GL 1.4 or 1.4.1 site.

Download Link: [file:46]

Please post any feedback and issues in the Support Forum

Forum Version 2.6

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The native forum plugin version 2.6 is almost ready for release. I've held off making any earlier announcements but have been working on this new version for a couple months.  Before making the new plugin version available for general release, I'd like to get a few users that will help with testing. I've tested the new version on a copy of geeklog.net which is running ver 2.3.2 and I've run the built-in in update on my site that was running version 2.5. So far it looks good - but there are a lot of features to be tested and verify the formatting of existing forum content is retained given the new code to handle the formatting of quotes, code, bbcode, smilies and HTML tags.

If you have a test site and can commit time over the next 2 weeks to complete some effective testing - please contact me. I'd like to get some users that are using the forum 2.3.2 version and 2.5.

I've also just updated this site to use GL 1.4.1beta2 at the same time so please let me know if you see any issues on the site or in the forum - report any issues in this forum topic here

Several key new features are that it's been developed and tested with GL 1.4.1 with Register_Globals off and MySQL5. A focus was placed on performance improvements and testing has shown anywhere from a 3x to 10x improvment in areas like the main forum index, topic index and centerblock formatting. Additionally, major work on the templates again.

For additional summary of changes ..