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glMessenger Plugin Overview
Main screen: shows the messages in your inbox with the ability to view your other folders and Sort your messages by date oldest first or newest first or by sender:
  • Inbox: New messages will be marked as new and you have a link to the original message if this is a reply. You can sort your messages by date or by sender, delete all older messages then today or all message
  • Outbox: shows messages that have been sent but not read
  • Sent Folder: shows messages that have been sent, read but not deleted. There is only 1 copy of the message stored even when sent to multiple users. It will show in your sent folder until all users have deleted it
  • Archive Folder: is for you to archive messages from your inbox

Create new message: You are able to create a new message and send to multiple members. The members name is automatically entered if you are replying to a message.

Add members names from the memberlist pop-up or from your buddy list. The message can contain all allowable HTML and your site configured smilies.

Site admin or delegated members with the glMessenger admin right can send out broadcast message to all registered site members.

Buddy Administration: You can easily maintain your buddy list using this buddy admin tool. You also have a buddy icon by the senders name in your inbox message listing to easily add or remove the member from your buddies.

In addition, I have provided custom user profile templates that will include an "Add buddy or Delete buddy" link to the members profile page. This way, you can are able to add/delete a buddy easily when you link to their profile from other site features

Smilie Administration: You now have the ability to customize your sites smilies and emoticon codes. You can add multiple emoticon codes to the same smilie images if desired. Just upload the new images and when adding a smilies from this screen, you will be able to scroll and see the new smilie images.

Other plugins can now use the smilie functions that are provided. The next release of the forum plugin will use these functions for an integrated and common smilie collection specific to your site - if glMessenger is installed.

Account Preferences: Provided template changes allow your users to customize their messenger preferences. Default user preference options are set in the plugin config file. Users can choose to block all broadcast messages and will not receive a notfication nor see them in their inbox. Users will by default receive a email notification of a new private message - they can optionally disable this feature.

Future plugins can now also use the notification functions of glMessenger and if enabled, the notifications can be sent to the members inbox in glMessenger instead of being emails. Some members may prefer this feature to manage their site specific notifications. The next release of the Forum plugin will use this feature if glMessenger is installed

Other options can be set including an ability for admin to disable sitewide broadcast messages and notifications for broadcast messages.


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